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Improve My Search Enggine Ranking With RSS

                                                  IMPROVE SEARCH ENGINE WITH RSS

1. RSS Feeds Provide Instant Themed Content?
Many publishers of RSS feeds that are specific to a particular theme. Since the feed is highly   targeted, it may contain many keywords that you wish to rank highly for. Adding these keywords to your pages helps Google Seach Engine tag your website jointly with relevant (your) content.

2. RSS Feeds Offer Recent, Updated Content

RSS feeds from large publishers are updated at specific intervals. When the publisher adds a replacement article to the feed, the oldest article is dropped.These changes are immediately effected on your pages with the RSS feed as well. Therefore you have recent relevant content for your visitors each time

3. RSS Feeds Lead to Additional Frequent Spidering

One issue I never anticipated would happen as a results of adding an RSS feed to my web site was {that the} Googlebot visited my web site nearly daily. To the Googlebot, my page that had the RSS feed incorporated into it was as good as a page that was being updated daily, and in its judgement, was a page that was worth visiting daily. What this means to you, is that you will have your web site being indexed a lot of frequently by the Googlebot and thus any new pages that you just add to your website can be picked up much faster than your competitors.

So, Better Search Engine Rankings with RSS

RSS is the newest craze in on-line publishing. However what specifically is RSS? RSS or Wealthy Web site Syndication may be a file format similar to XML, and is used by publishers to create their content obtainable to others in an exceedingly format that can be universally understood. RSS permits publishers to “Syndicate” their content through the distribution of lists of hyperlinks.

It’s truly been around for a whereas, but with the arrival of spam filters and on-line blogging, it’s fast becoming the selection of ezine publishers who need to induce their message across to their subscribers. But, not much attention has been given to the benefits RSS provides for search engine optimization.

Search Engines and RSS like husbund and his wife :)?

Many SEO experts believe that sites optimized around themes, or niches, where all pages correspond to a specific subject or set of keywords, rank better in the search engines. For example, if your website is designed to sell tennis rackets, your entire website content would be centered around tennis and tennis rackets.

Search engines like Google/Yahoo etc, appear to prefer tightly-themed pages.

However where will RSS figure in all this? RSS feeds, sometimes sourced from newsfeeds or blogs, typically correspond to a particular theme or niche. By using highly targeted RSS feeds, you’ll be able to enhance your web site’s content without having to put in writing a single line on your own. It’s like having your own content writer – writing theme-based mostly articles for you – at no cost!

Now, dont forget with RSS

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